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Top Game Closed 8/23/17-8/28/17

Top Game is taking several students to compete at the IBJJF Masters World Championships in Las Vegas. Since this is a major event, all of our coaching staff will be in attendance to coach our competitors. All classes will be closed August 23-28 2017. We will resume our schedule as normal on August 29th. We…
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Tips to Get Better Faster!

If you're reading this looking for a shortcut or secret to be a killer on the mat, I'm sad to say that doesn't exist. The only way to get better is to spend time on the mats, period. Now that doesn't mean you can't take steps to get the full value of your training, no…
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Rank ceremony and tournament information

As most of you know, Pierce and Guy are ranking up to Blue and Brown belt respectively on August 20th. For our newer students, if you look near the kids play area, you'll notice a table with some picture frames on it. When a student at Top Game earns a new belt we have all…
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Upcoming events at Top Game

Hey everyone, we have some upcoming events to keep an eye out for. Summer is beginning to wind down, so we hope to see the mats start to fill back up! Wednesday August 3rd we will hold adult class at Mohler MMA in Coppell. Professor Mohler is holding a belt ceremony and we want to…
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