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Coach Blake is back, and Europa tournament results

Hello again everyone! I hope everybody is having an awesome summer! Coach Blake is back from vacation today and will be back on the mats teaching tonight.  Top Game went out to the Europa tournament this past weekend to represent Team Mohler and we won the entire tournament! There were over 1000 competitors and we…
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BIG Weekend for Top Game!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge week for all of us here at Top Game! Starting off this Friday, We have Coach Blake in the biggest match of his career at the F2WPro 6 here in Dallas! TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE STRAIGHT FROM HIM FOR $30 UNTIL THURSDAY!!! After that, you have officially missed out…
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Contest, Tournament info, and F2WPro6

We had some kids rank up this month! There were a ton of stripes given out, and Mario earned himself his Grey Belt! Ben and Matt earned some stripes on their white belts as well. Make sure to stop by our TGJJ Students page on FaceBook for pics, and to stay up to date with…
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Tournament info and upcoming event!

This Saturday May 7th is the AGF tournament! All of you have been training hard and we're excited to see the fruits of your labor. I know we have been talking about the team trophy a lot, but the main thing to remember is to have fun out there. If you're not having fun and…
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