BIG Weekend for Top Game!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge week for all of us here at Top Game!

Starting off this Friday, We have Coach Blake in the biggest match of his career at the F2WPro 6 here in Dallas! TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE STRAIGHT FROM HIM FOR $30 UNTIL THURSDAY!!! After that, you have officially missed out in the party and will just be hearing everyone talk about how awesome it was on Monday. This would be a great show to take people who are always asking "whats that jiu jitsu stuff youre always doing?", and show them on a grand stage how badass it is!

Then, the following Saturday We have the F2W Europa tournament at the same location. This is part of the massive Europa Super Show featuring weight lifting, arm wrestling, fitness competitions, car shows, and all the free supplement samples you can get your hands on. Pre-registration ended last Sunday, but there's still time to register, so act fast!!!

Get in here, get training, and lets do this!!! TOP GAME!!!

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