Rank ceremony and tournament information

As most of you know, Pierce and Guy are ranking up to Blue and Brown belt respectively on August 20th. For our newer students, if you look near the kids play area, you'll notice a table with some picture frames on it. When a student at Top Game earns a new belt we have all students write a note in the frame. It can be funny, serious, congratulatory, however you see fit to let them know that they've done a great job. They will have these pictures for the rest of their lives, so make sure you get in and sign it!

Our last tournament was the Underground submission only event. We took a small team and absolutely wrecked shop! Pierce Morrill submitted his way to the finals. and earned second place in his bracket. Corey Allison submitted his way to the finals and won the division in overtime. Chris Edwards and Jorge Villegas were in the same division, with Jorge winning the whole thing. Michael Speal took second with some impressive submissions and tough matches. Don Ballew avenged his loss in submission only grappling with a savage heel hook, and Coach Blake won both matches in regulation time by submission for the first place in his bracket. It was a great event run by great people, and we look forward to the next one!

Our next 2 events are the IBJJF Dallas Open http://ibjjf.org/championship/dallas-international-open-jiu-jitsu/  (Adults only) and the AGF (ALL STUDENTS COMPETE!!!!) Oct 29 http://www.americangrapplingfederation.com/2016-bjj-tournaments/

Thanks for reading, NOW GO TRAIN!!!!

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