Tournament info and upcoming event!

This Saturday May 7th is the AGF tournament! All of you have been training hard and we're excited to see the fruits of your labor. I know we have been talking about the team trophy a lot, but the main thing to remember is to have fun out there. If you're not having fun and putting a ton of pressure on yourself, it will be much harder to succeed. Go out there, meet new people, chat with your opponents and let your Jiu Jitsu flow. Were proud to just have you out there representing us. If you're competing, we would love to see you with a patched Gi and and team rash guard (both can be purchased from Coach Blake or Dave) If you're not competing, come out and show support for your team. You all have helped each other get ready so lets show some team spirit!

Coach Blake has tickets on hand for his first pro BJJ match. They're only $30 and get you access to 25 spectacular BJJ matches and supports Coach Blake. Come out and show some love, and have an awesome night out with some excellent entertainment. If you reserved a table seat, make sure to get with Coach Dave for payment ASAP! If you cant make it in person, it will be streamed live on (but you should come see it live!)

Thanks for reading. NOW GO TRAIN!!


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