Upcoming events at Top Game

Hey everyone, we have some upcoming events to keep an eye out for. Summer is beginning to wind down, so we hope to see the mats start to fill back up!

Wednesday August 3rd we will hold adult class at Mohler MMA in Coppell. Professor Mohler is holding a belt ceremony and we want to have Top Game in the house. You can meet us up there, or Coach Blake will be leaving around 6:45 and can take 3 people. Come out if you can!

Saturday August 20th Were going to be doing in-house belt promotions during regular open mat hours 11am-1pm. Pierce Morrill and Guy Woods will be earning their new rank, and we'd like to have everyone there to congratulate them! Professor Mohler will be in the house and we're going to run the gauntlet as well.

Thats all for now. NOW GO TRAIN.

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